Is Speaking With a Designer Necessary When Remodelling Your Kitchen?

Ambitious homeowners like to think they can tackle most home renovation tasks themselves.

While it’s true that some things are manageable (and quite fun) like simple painting and decorating projects, taking on the whole kitchen remodelling process might prove a little tricky.

Multiple trade skills must come together like design, carpentry, handyman work, plumbing & electrical to ensure the project goes smoothly.

However, design is important because it’s where it all begins. Without a good plan & vision, the whole project can go lopsided, and that’s definitely not what you want to experience.

A great designer, in the right situations, can be worth their weight in gold.

A kitchen remodelling company that hires professional designers might offer a quote that is a little higher than a company that doesn’t, since they’ll have more staff overhead costs. So with that being said, this article will help you decide if speaking with a designer is necessary or not.

First, let’s start off with when it might not be necessary.

When a Designer Might Not Be Necessary

In situations where you don’t need to completely redo your kitchen with all new everything, (e.g. cabinets, countertops, appliances) speaking to a designer will be more of a convenience instead of a necessity.

Alternatively, if you know exactly how you want everything to look and aren’t too fussed about a designers input, then again, a designer might not be necessary.

When Speaking With a Designer Helps

To put it simply: when there’s a lot more at stake.

If you’re planning to redo all your cabinets and worktops and hope to get the most out of your money, then a designer’s input is crucial.

The Benefits of Hiring a Top-Notch Kitchen Designer

1. They’ve done it all before

Before you sign onto the project, talk to your designer about their background. A top quality designer will have had some kind of experience with a similar project in the past.

If they’re really good, they’re likely to have gone out of their way to get some feedback to make sure the previous client was happy. This means they’ll know what works and what doesn’t when moving forward.

2. They know what elements work well in a kitchen:

Starting with a clean slate and incorporating your own ideas can be fun, but also tricky sometimes. Going through the process alone can leave you vulnerable to something called the IKEA effect – which basically means, you’re a lot more likely to value the standards of your own creations even if they’re worse than what a professional might come up with.

A designers will use their experience based on what’s best for you since not all layout ideas are going to be successful. Certain elements might cause problems down the road, such as poor choice cabinetry.

3. They can spot potential problems

It’s one thing to draw up a plan, and another to actually see it come to life. A designer will be able to tell you whether something will work or not.

For example, whether there’s enough room for that sink, or whether it makes sense to go for a kitchen island and how big it should be.

Considering all of these potential problems at once might feel a little overwhelming for homeowners who’ve never taken on a large scale project like this before, but to an experienced designer – it should simply be second nature to them.

4. You’ll get a concept that fits your style

A great kitchen designer will be able to create a remodelling plan that matches their client’s lifestyle and taste.

Professional designers also provide valuable insights on different materials and how they can affect the overall design of the kitchen. They are able to recommend appliances, cabinetry materials, countertop materials, lighting, and other elements that will help achieve a desired look.

They’ll be thinking about how to get you the maximum use out of your kitchen for many years to come. This can save a lot of headaches for homeowners who are prone to getting blindsided by certain appliances that look great in the short term but might not be ideal in the long term.

5. They can help you visualise your end product:

It’s one thing to envision your ideal kitchen but it’s another to get it down on paper. This is quite important because it’ll serve as a plan that can be used to communicate with others, such as suppliers, tradesmen and your family members on what’s going on.

A designer will be able to draw up conceptual plans, and show pictures of past projects they have completed. This provides an opportunity to ask questions about how these elements look, or get a feel for how the kitchen will actually flow in real life.

6. They offer expert advice on colours and materials

Designers are knowledgeable about different materials and styles like cabinetry, countertops, lighting etc. Some people tend to go with whatever trends are good at the moment without truly thinking if it fits their lifestyle.

So one of the great benefits of hiring a professional is that they can give quality advice on what can work for you.

7 . They ensure that you aren’t wasting your money

Many DIY enthusiasts get a little carried away and spend more than they need to. A designer will make sure you are getting value for your money.

For example, if there’s an item that you’re planning to buy and the cost of it is significantly more than its worth, a designer will make sure you don’t get ripped off.

An experienced designer will have received feedback from customers who’ve ordered & used a variety of different materials. Something that might look good on the internet might not be ideal in practical terms.

Need To Speak With A Designer?

At Zen Kuchen, we pride ourselves on offering a top quality kitchen remodelling service from start to finish. We’ve got expert designers on hand who’ve been trained and have experience working on luxury kitchens.

We’re based in Richmond, London and we help customers in & around this area. To find our showroom location on Google maps, just click here.

If you’d like to speak to one of our designers or to get a quote, you can do so by going to our contact page & getting in touch with whichever method suits you best.

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