Choosing a Dekton Kitchen Worktop? Here are the Pros & Cons

First, what is Dekton

Dekton hasn’t been around forever. In fact, it was launched in 2013 by Cosentino (Dekton is one of their brands). 

If you really want to get scientific, Dekton is a blend of porcelain, glass and quartz. It uses ‘Sinterized particle technology’ – Dekton themselves define it as a ‘high tech process which represents an accelerated version of the metamorphic change…’ 

But let’s get to the real question: is it the right worktop for your kitchen? 

Dekton’s lightness, longevity and strength have proved popular for modern kitchens. 

However, it does have some weaknesses (we’ll explore those in a moment) and you can decide if it’s suitable for your kitchen after we’ve gone over the pros & cons of Dekton as a kitchen worktop.

First, let’s start with the Pros 


1. Highly resistant to Scratches & Abrasion 

If you wanted to cut vegetables on a Dekton surface, you could. In this video Cooking with Dekton, (at the 1 minute 48 mark) you can see the chef cutting without a cooking board. 

Dekton still recommends using a cooking board (not to protect the surface, but to protect your knives!) – that’s how tough the surface is. 

2. Resistant To Stains 

Dekton is completely non-porous. It will not soak any liquids, unlike other materials such as granite. 

Because of this, Dekton is ideal for hygiene when it comes to cleaning. Stains remain on the surface and can be easily wiped off. 

Now, it’s not completely stain-proof. Stains can occur, but most of the time they can easily be wiped off. 

If you want to know what kind of cleaning products to use, Cosentino made this handy booklet which explains (on page 2) what to use for different types of stains. 

3. It’s okay to put hot pots & pans on the surface 

Dekton is highly resistant to heat. 

The maintenance booklet also says that it’s fine to put hot materials such as frying pans and saucepans directly on the surface after use. 

However, just because it’s resistant to fire & heat, that doesn’t mean naked flames should come into contact with the material. 

4. High UV resistance 

Dekton’s high UV resistance means it won’t fade over time. 

This makes the worktop ideal for kitchens that typically have direct sunlight hitting the worktop, or for outdoor worktops such as BBQs. 

Dekton BBQ

5. Decent colour range 

If you wanted to, you could choose a Dekton colour style that resembles marble or granite. 

You can visit Zen Stone’s Dekton library page (our sister company) for a list of styles we can offer with Dekton. 

6. Great for Modern Styling 

Dekton has five times the flex strength of granite. It can allow for up to a 12-inch unsupported overhang on countertops. 

This makes it a popular choice for modern kitchens because you can get a little more creative with design & styling. 

Also, because of its high compressive strength, it’s not uncommon to see Dekton being used for flooring in commercial spaces, such as office & hotel lounges, to give a premium look.  

7. Long-lasting 

Because of all the benefits listed above, Cosentino offers a 25-year warranty on Dekton countertops. 

If longevity is something you have in mind for your kitchen, and you want it to last – Dekton may be the ideal surface for you. 

The Cons of Dekton

1. Vulnerable to Cracking

When testing Dekton, consumer reports found that it was prone to cracking. 

A crack happened when a 1.09lb (500g) weight was dropped at a height of 21 inches from the surface. 

Now, there are some things you can do to minimise the chance of chipping and cracking. 

Firstly, you should try and avoid hammering any food products directly on the surface (e.g. breaking nuts, or using a meat hammer). If you must, then a high quality, thick wooden chopping board would do well to dissipate the energy.

Secondly, be mindful of what you put in any overhanging cabinets. So that means any heavy, bulky materials (e.g. large metal cooking trays & pots ) should be kept in lower cabinets.

2. Must be professionally Installed 

If you want to go DIY and install it yourself, you’ll void Cosentino’s 25-year warranty for Dekton worktops. 

At Zen Kuchen, our professionals will make sure it’s installed properly anyway. 

3. Not the cheapest 

If your budget is on the low end, Dekton may not be ideal. It’s more expensive than laminate and concrete. 

However, you might just find the extra cost to be worth it if choosing a Dekton worktop means achieving the style, look & premium feel that a modern kitchen offers. 

If you want a quote, just get in touch with our team here and we’ll give you some guidance into whether Dekton is the right choice for you. 

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