Should You Consider a Kitchen Island? Here are our thoughts

Now obviously, there must be sufficient space. To install a kitchen island, it must make practical sense. But are you better off with one or without one? Let’s look at some things you should consider if you’re thinking to install one.

Is it practical?

Kitchen islands are a luxury. The last thing you’ll want is a feeling of regret if you’ve put a huge amount of effort into installing one to then not feel right about it.

When it comes to practicality, there are a few things to consider:

Firstly, space. Is there enough of it?

As a minimum, a kitchen island won’t really be useful unless it’s at least 2 feet long. There must also be enough clearance space for you to walk around comfortably, walk past anyone else using the kitchen, and just cook with ease.

Secondly, the chance of accidents.

If your current kitchen doesn’t have an island, your body will have gotten used to using all that space. With a kitchen island installed, there’s an increased chance of toe-stubbing and hip-hitting as you get used to it. What tends to make matters worse here is if the colour of the worktop blends in with the colour of the floor – it can be hard for the eyes to distinguish the boundaries in your peripheral vision, therefore increasing the chance of accidents.

Thirdly, will it get used often?

Some prefer the island purely for aesthetic means, whereas others like it for its utilitarian purposes. Whichever option, the question is: does the value from the added aesthetics, or the extra utilitarian benefits outweigh the hassle of installation & fitting? If it won’t make much of a difference, there’s not really much point.

Should you fit a sink?

A kitchen sink can add practicality. You’ll be facing towards the inside of your home, making it easier to keep an eye on children, as well as socialise.

There is however, the mess problem. Do you prefer leaving the dishes on the side or cleaning them straight away? If it’s the latter, you needn’t worry but if it’s the first, then the pile of dishes will now be in the middle of your kitchen as opposed to one corner.

What about a hob?

A kitchen island with a hob can make a home feel more social. While cooking, again you’ll be facing inwards to the house, as opposed to a wall if your hob was to be placed by the side. This makes it easier to talk & communicate with those around you.

Try and consider however, if it’s practical to install a ventilation unit above your hob. There is also the added safety risk if you’ve got small children.

Selecting the right worktop

A practical countertop can save a lot of headache. For example, Dekton can make a kitchen look modern & stylish and its non-porous surface means it’s easy to clean and some foods can even be cut on the surface.

Other surfaces such as granite tend to wear a bit faster unless sealed. Again, this depends on whether you’re putting your island to regular use, because if so, it would make sense to invest in a quality, durable worktop that’ll save time when it comes to cleaning & maintenance.

We have a page on worktops here, although if you want an expert opinion, you can contact us directly here.

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