Zenkuchen: 9 Ways to Make a Totally Terrifying Halloween Kitchen

Are you a fan of fright? Super keen on Halloween? From large parties to small gatherings, the people of the UK are increasingly enjoying the annual celebration of all things ghoulish. And where better to set the scene than your kitchen? If you’ve recently refitted your kitchen, creating a Halloween kitchen is a great way to show the space off. And if you want to refit your kitchen, then it’s also a great excuse to hide the bits that you can’t wait to update!


Whether your kitchen is a large space that you can transform into the Hogwarts dining room, or a smaller area more suited to Dracula’s dungeon, these easy ideas will help you to set the scene.

1. Floating Candles

Paint cardboard tubes white and stuff the top with scrunched newspaper to hold an LED tea light in the top of the tube. Then suspend the assembled candle from the ceiling with invisible thread (or black thread can work to better effect in the dark). For the more craftily advanced, drip hot glue around the top of the tube before painting to give the appearance of melted wax.

2. Spider Magnets

Cover your refrigerator, freezer, indeed any magnetic appliance, with spooky spiders! You can be as crafty as you like here. For those lacking in time, buy a big bag of plastic bugs and glue to small magnets. If you have more time, twisted black pipe cleaners can quickly turn into spiders which, once glued to a magnet can make anyone think twice before opening the fridge!

3. Dry Ice Cauldron

Do your research and health and safety checks here. If you’re then confident, your Halloween kitchen sink can become a spine tingling potion cauldron! This works particularly well if you have situated your washing or preparation sink within a kitchen island.


Mood lighting is certainly easier if you have a dimmer switch! But if that’s one of the things on your list for when you refurbish your kitchen, all is not lost. With these lighting ideas, the atmosphere in your Halloween kitchen will be suitably spine chilling.

4. Jack O’Lanterns

With this traditional Halloween activity, you can go as high art as you like. From basic triangle eyes and spiky teeth to intricately carved halloween scenes, a selection of Jack O’ Lanterns placed on your kitchen surfaces will set the scene perfectly.

5. Bat Lampshades

Quick and easy and a great effect. Cut a bat shape out of black paper and surround your existing lampshades with the result. Your spooky lighting will be diffused around the room to give chilling vibes to your Halloween kitchen!

6. Re-purposed Fairy Lights

String lights aren’t just for Christmas! Use table tennis balls and pens to create ghoulish eyeballs. Cut a hole in each and twist over the lights for a string of eyeballs to build a really grisly mood.


For a celebration that is so often focussed on what goodies you can gather and consume, put your Halloween kitchen to good use this season with these terribly tasty treat ideas.

7. Pumpkin Pie

Traditional and tasty, use the innards of your Jack O’Lantern to make this seasonal classic. Sieve cooked pumpkin and mix with eggs, butter, caster sugar, milk, nutmeg and cinnamon. Pour into a pastry case and bake. Delicious!

8. Marshmallow Pops

Giant marshmallows are versatile and easy to decorate to become ghosts, pumpkins or monsters.  Simply twist the marshmallow onto a stick, dip in melted coloured chocolate and add decorative eyes or fangs as required!

9. Bewitched Biscuits

Ginger or cinnamon monster biscuits are not just delicious: baking them before your Halloween gathering will fill your kitchen with the sweet spiced scents of the season. Once your gingerbread dough is made, let your imagination loose with monster shapes to chill the spine!

So from kitchen islands to cabinet doors, refrigerators to light fittings, you can get creative with your seasonal decor. Then gather your friends in your Halloween kitchen and enjoy the space for what it is: the most important room of the home!

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