Quartz Kitchen Worktops: The Pros & Cons

Homeowners are mostly drawn to quartz worktops for their kitchens because of the vast array of styling options. Quartz can even be made to look like marble, but without the marble price-tag.  Having said that, there are some downsides to quartz, which we’ll explore later in this article to help you decide on whether it’s […]

Looking for a Marble Kitchen Worktop? Here are The Pros & Cons

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, which is why people in the UK spend an average of £1,700 every time they renovate. Of course, you may spend more. Many property owners are turning to marble because it has a reputation for being luxurious, yet it also has negatives you […]

Is Granite The Kitchen Worktop for You? Here are The Pros & Cons

What‘s Granite made of?  Granite is a natural rock, found most commonly in mountainous areas. It forms deep underground, from volcanic activity. Before it’s refined in a factory, it’s had to withstand super-high temperatures for thousands (if not millions) of years. This natural process makes it very durable. Is it right for your kitchen? Let’s […]

Choosing a Dekton Kitchen Worktop? Here are the Pros & Cons

First, what is Dekton?  Dekton hasn’t been around forever. In fact, it was launched in 2013 by Cosentino (Dekton is one of their brands).  If you really want to get scientific, Dekton is a blend of porcelain, glass and quartz. It uses ‘Sinterized particle technology’ – Dekton themselves define it as a ‘high tech process […]

6 Tips to Minimise Disruption During a Kitchen Refit

For many of us, a kitchen refit is a long awaited event. Perhaps you moved into a new home a couple of years ago with the aim of refitting the kitchen and it’s taken longer than you expected to organise a refit. Or maybe you’ve lived in your home for many years and have found […]

5 Great Pies to Warm Your Kitchen for British Pie Week

As we come to the end of British Pie week, why not round it off with a bang and cook up a pastry based storm in your kitchen? Pie making is a craft. From savoury to sweet, pastry to potato, a pie brings together all food groups to make an entire meal in one dish. […]

8 Ways to Make a Healthy Kitchen

As we progress through the year, how are your healthy eating resolutions going? Some of us will be doing better than others, and some may have thrown in the towel completely! When the heart (and certainly the stomach!) of the home is the kitchen, this room is integral to our lifestyles. So how can you […]

All Kitchens Great and Small: Making the most of your space

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. They all have the potential to be a great space. But how do you make the best decisions when it comes to laying out your ideal kitchen while being mindful of the space that is open to you? The ‘work triangle’ – the path between cooking, cleaning and […]

How to Declutter Your Kitchen

With the whole year ahead of you, what are your domestic goals? Refit or redecoration? Upgrading or decluttering? The latter of these, the ‘declutter’ has been much discussed in recent weeks. It’s an extremely trendy resolution to make. Not only this, but it’s eminently sensible too! This one course of action will carry ongoing benefits […]

What Does Your Kitchen Colour Scheme Mean?

This January, perhaps you are considering a new kitchen colour scheme. This is often part of a kitchen extension or refit process. It impacts every decision, from cabinet doors to worktops. How do you choose which colours will work best in your kitchen? Which colours work with which design styles? What will your kitchen colour […]