See The Quooker Tap in Action at Our Showroom

At Zen Kuchen, we’ve got a fully functional Quooker tap on display at our Showroom in Richmond, London. We love the Quooker Tap, but we understand that seeing the benefits through video might not be enough. That’s why we offer free 1-1 viewings to let customers explore the full benefits and functionalities of the Quooker tap in person. That way, you can see whether a Quooker tap is really for you. 

Request an appointment at our showroom & try it for yourself. 

Fusion Round Patinated Brass in modern red kitchen
Fusion Round Gold Quooker Tap boiling vegetables

What Makes The Quooker Tap Unique?

Added Safety 

The fact that hot water is literally available ‘on tap’ might rightfully raise a few questions about safety. However, the Quooker Tap does include safety features to mitigate risk, which are thoroughly discussed on their safety page

To briefly summarise however, in order to dispense hot water, the handle must be pressed twice and then turned, so that way, you can only get hot water if you intend to. There’s also an illuminating red light that comes on when hot water is about to be dispensed. What’s more is that hot water does not flow through a solid stream, but instead flows via fine droplets. Should the worst happen, and if you were to accidentally turn on the hot water, this would give you enough time to move your hand away quickly and avoid any serious burns.

Cost Effective

Using figures from 2018, Which? found the energy cost of leaving a Quooker on standby to be 3p a day, whereas filling a Kettle of water to cost 2.3p. The ultimate conclusion in that article was that instant hot water taps are good for convenience but are still more expensive. The problem with that comparison, and many other articles that compare hot water taps to traditional appliances like kettles, is they do not account for the time-saving benefits–which is of course, will vary depending on each and every user’s lifestyle (something we’ll discuss more down below). 

That being said, when weighing up the extra time-saving and space saving benefits against the 3p a day cost to leave a Quooker tap on standby, as well as the filter replacement costs & up-front cost of the Quooker Tap, it’s still great value for money. 

Space Saving

The innovative design of the Quooker Tap allows one tap to perform multiple functions. This makes it ideal for small kitchen spaces, or even homeowners who prefer a decluttered, minimalist look. There’d also be no requirement for a Kettle anymore, meaning the space where a Kettle would have gone can now be used for other purposes. Not to mention, this also saves valuable hours of having to research & find a kettle that matches the colour scheme of your kitchen. 

The Quooker system is compact; it includes a tap on the worktop and tank in the cupboard underneath which, and depending on the size, can provide between 3 to 7 litres of boiling water. Quooker also do something called the Quooker Cube which provides chilled water, but the fact is, you won’t even know it’s there since the system is tucked neatly in the cupboard below the tap. 

Time Saving Benefits

The Quooker Tap provides hot water instantly which lets you save an enormous amount of time throughout the day and year – every minute saved adds up, allowing you to make time for more important activities. In comparison, an electric kettle takes approximately 2 to 3 minutes to boil water. On a gas stove, a pot filled with 4 cups of water can take around 8 minutes, and even longer on an electric stove. 

Now of course, one can spend time on other activities while waiting for water to boil the traditional way, but there’s the added fuss of having to remember when to pause the activities & return to the kitchen. For one-off instances, this might not seem like a big deal, but spread across the year, the inconvenience adds up, especially when the option of hot water is available at an instant with the Quooker Tap. 

The History of Quooker

Quooker started in 1970, when a few innovative minds came together to solve the problem of how to get instantly dispensable hot water into the mixer taps of homeowners. What followed over the decades were several patented designs which turned that very idea into a reality. In comparison to traditional mixer taps, there’s often a lot of fiddling around with handles to get the desired temperature, some can be very clunky and the hot water rarely reaches higher than 60 degrees celsius. With a Quooker Tap, the compact design and instant hot water capabilities makes all those problems go away. 

Let's Help You Choose The Right Quooker Tap

The Quooker Tap comes in various finishes to suit a variety of worktop and basin styles. At Zen Kuchen, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service & ensuring customers acquire the best possible kitchen accessories & items based on their requirements & budget. We’ve got a fully functioning Quooker Tap on display at our Showroom in Richmond, so you can see how it operates & get a feel of the tap in person. 

Request an appointment at our showroom & try it for yourself. 

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