Quartz Kitchen Worktops: The Pros & Cons

Homeowners are mostly drawn to quartz worktops for their kitchens because of the vast array of styling options. Quartz can even be made to look like marble, but without the marble price-tag. 

Quartz styling by Silestone’s Eternal collection. This particular slab is called ‘Classic Calacatta’

Having said that, there are some downsides to quartz, which we’ll explore later in this article to help you decide on whether it’s the right kitchen worktop for you. 

What is quartz?

Quartz is a manmade material that starts life as a naturally formed compound of oxygen and silicon. 

It’s then ground down and a special resin is used to bind it back together, with recycled glass & flakes being added to the mixture, which creates various styling patterns (that’s why so many styles are available in quartz). 

If you want to see what styling patterns we have available, just visit the supplier library on our sister company’s page (Zen Stone) & make sure to click on ‘Classic Quartz’. 

The Pros of Using Quartz


Quartz is ideal when it comes to durability. It’s a hard-wearing worktop that’ll withstand knocks and won’t tarnish, scratch or crack unless exposed to extreme heat. 

As for everyday use – quartz is scratch-resistant, so cutting food directly on the worktop can be done, but whether it should be done is another matter. 

Most manufacturers will recommend that you use a cooking board for a couple of reasons. One being that it’ll protect your knives, and another being that scratches are more visible on darker quartz surfaces. So if you’re going for a darker style, you’ll need to bear this in mind.

Example of a darker quartz surface

A Long Warranty

Manufacturers of quartz worktops tend to be very generous with their warranties. For example, Silestone offers a 25-year warranty on their quartz worktops. 

Whereas, Caesarstone, another quartz worktop manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty

This is quite encouraging, offering peace of mind despite the disadvantages that we’ll look into in a moment.

However, you’ll need to make sure to check the fine print on the warranty as things such as chemical spillages may not be covered.

Great Choice For Modern Kitchens

If you’re quite picky with your styles & colours, quartz may be ideal because there are plenty of designs to choose from. Like we said earlier, you could even pick a style that resembles marble.

You’ll notice that as you browse online for quartz kitchens, they’ll have a smooth, shiny and sleek look. However, every worktop will have its own unique patternation because of the way the resin binds the quartz particles together. 

It’s Hygienic

Unlike wooden worktops that need regular maintenance and oiling to keep them non-porous, quartz is a brilliant hard-wearing material that requires little upkeep. 

For families with children, spillages never have to be a concern or worry. A quartz worktop will cope with milk, water and juice spillages. Even a red wine spillage won’t give your worktop a new crimson hue, but this would be a real risk if you had a marble or wooden worktop. 

Being non-porous means that you don’t have to do anything to a quartz worktop to seal it. 

Spots and discolouration often appear on granite and marble over time through wear and tear. However, this won’t occur with a quartz worktop. You can also rest reassured knowing that germs and waterborne nasties won’t seep beneath the surface. 

Cleaning a quartz worktop is easy and takes little time at all, making it ultra-low maintenance. 

You can use a simple yet highly effective bleach or disinfectant cleaner. You could even go back to basics and use soap and water. Being non-porous, you never have to worry about keeping your quartz dry at all times.

Now, What About The Cons of Quartz?

A Bit Pricey

For many kitchen renovations, the cost can increase dramatically if you choose a premium material like quartz. The cost can rise if you’re opting for a rare colour scheme. 

If you have a large work surface to cover, it’s best to talk this over with a professional designer who’ll answer all the important questions. 

Despite the slightly higher price tag, many customers oversee this drawback due to the vast range of styling options.

Not Great with UV Light

You’ll need to be careful if direct sunlight will be hitting your quartz worktop. That’s because quartz can fade if exposed to UV light for prolonged periods of time. 

Some have reported a yellow-ish hue developing on their quartz worktops when exposed to direct sunlight.

This means quartz is for indoor use only. 

With that being said, some manufacturers such as Caesarstone have developed quartz worktops suitable for outdoor use. However, styles are varied, with Caesarstone’s outdoor quartz collection being limited to 3 styles (as of this writing). 

Not Great at Resisting Head

While quartz is strong, resilient and durable, it does have one great weakness. 

It doesn’t cope very well with heat. 

Strictly speaking, quartz is technically heat resistant, but the resin that binds it together is not. 

This means that hot saucepans or baking sheets must be used with some sort of trivet underneath them otherwise heat marks can appear on your worktop. 

Placing hot materials on the surface can damage the aesthetic, causing the surface to fade.

If this is a major concern, you may need to consider a different material. Granite or Dekton may be the better options here, as they’re much more resilient to heat and you won’t have to worry when cooking. Dekton can withstand much higher temperatures, allowing you to place hot materials directly on the surface without worrying about marks. 


Quartz kitchen worktops are fantastic for those who want a unique, modern design. Most customers overlook the negatives because of the styling options alone. The main downside is heat resistance, but if that’s not a deal-breaker, quartz can be very versatile and will last a lifetime.  

At Zen Kuchen, we pride ourselves on our range of incredible worktop materials that are suitable for every home. To learn more about marble and how we can make it work for your home, you can visit this web page. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact us straight away to speak to a trained and knowledgeable team member.

Our expert opinion is only a phone call away.

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