Modern Kitchen Trends For 2021: What to Consider…

2021 is a brand new year. And, as always, there are a bunch of new kitchen interior trends out there doing the rounds. 

The modern kitchen is continually evolving. It’s gone from just being a practical space for preparing meals to something much more aesthetically involved. Today’s interiors are a reflection of both 21st-century values and the personal preferences of owners who install them. 

The following are some of the most influential kitchen trends of 2021. Here’s what you need to know. 

1. Innovative Light Fittings

Up until now, most designers focused on worktop and cabinet design to improve the appearance of kitchens. They hoped to transform it into something that would serve its functional purpose and look great at the same time. 

Now, though, we’re seeing designers take more liberties with lighting, creating something akin to an Aladdin’s cave. These hanging lamps put a twist on the modern trend of using recessed spotlights, disrupting your expectations while also adding plenty of visual interest. The eclectic lampshades are the perfect foil for the functional and utilitarian kitchen surrounding them. 

2. Concealed Appliances

Manufacturers have been doing everything that they can to make their appliances more attractive. And some range cooker brands are succeeding in creating beautiful objects that can stand alone. However, most homeowners are still unhappy with appliances’ appearance – even those finished to a high spec. 

That’s led to an explosion in demand for concealed appliances – those that fit snugly into cabinets. The idea is to give the kitchen a clean finish when it’s not being used, helping to declutter the environment. 

The appetite for appliance storage is growing because of the sheer number of devices modern kitchens contain. People need spaces for microwaves, coffee machines, refrigerators, freezers, blenders, and processors – and they don’t want to rely on their sideboards all the time. 

3. Living Room-Style Furnishings

Thanks to the growing interest in open-plan living, more and more homeowners are looking to bring living-room-style furnishings into their kitchens. And that’s no surprise – the kitchen is fast becoming the “heart of the home” – the place at the centre of all the action. 

This kitchen, for instance, features attractive crystal glass fittings, plus “stools” in classical Chesterfield upholstery. The tiles also blend perfectly with the rest of the space, looking just as “at-home” in the kitchen portion of the room as they do in the lounge. 

4. Brass Finishes

In 2021, we’re seeing a rise in the number of warm tones in completed kitchens. Traditional aluminium finishes look a little harsh and sterile. So brass is making its way into kitchen faucets, the handles on cupboards, and even the hinges allowing them to swing open. 

These small features might not sound like much but they can genuinely transform a kitchen design. Flecks of colour help to turn an otherwise standard scheme into something considerably more impressive. 

5. Large Mirrors

Large mirrors are standard in bathrooms and living rooms, but why not the kitchen? 

Seeing a large mirror in the kitchen is a little surprising when you first see it. But, then, once you get used to it, its presence makes a lot of sense. Mirrors help to add light to spaces while also elevating the mood. It’s a great addition when you feel like you’ve been staring at the same four walls for years and want to upgrade your experience. 

Counter-to-ceiling mirrors work best because they provide balance. You still get all of the storage you need below the worktop, but you also get expanded space. You can use mirrors for all kinds of purposes, from hiding ugly appliances to enhancing your pantry doors. 

6. Plush Seating 

Much of the seating in kitchens before 2021 was utilitarian. Designers took an “in-and-out” approach, creating high stools that would encourage people to scoff at their Cheerios quickly in the morning before rushing out of the door for work. 

That’s not the case, though, with these mustard high-chairs. Thanks to their ample padding and velvet finish, they offer incredible comfort while still allowing kitchen users to sit comfortably at the island table. Designers are using bold chairs like these to serve as focal points for neutral kitchens. They add visual interest and, again, help to warm the entire environment. 

7. Unusual Tile Arrangements

Classically, kitchen tiles were oblong and arranged with vertices parallel or perpendicular to the floor. But now designers are experimenting with disruptive tiling patterns that do not conform to conventions at all. We’re seeing a growth in step-ladder effects, staggered bricks and even mosaics, particularly in the backsplash area behind the sink. 

8. Streamlined Kitchens

Thanks to the popularity of kitchen islands, we’re not used to kitchens containing large open spaces. But that’s the goal behind many of the streamlined designs emerging in 2021. 

The aim is to create a space that calms people, with beautiful sweeping lines and a minimalist approach to storage. Designers are choosing high-quality materials that speak for themselves, negating the need for any clutter. Integrated appliances are essential because they do not interrupt the flow of the room. 

9. Two-Toned Kitchens

Matchy-matchy kitchens were popular several years ago, but now we’re seeing more and more people opt for the two-toned variety. Usually, these kitchens will feature white walls, ceilings and neutral flooring, but with contrasting cabinets and cupboards.

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