16 Minimalist Bathroom Design Tips & Ideas To Enhance Space

A minimalist bathroom can provide you with the ultimate environment to unwind in and de-stress (assuming it’s designed well).

First, let’s be honest here, if clutter can build up, it usually will. So one of the best ways to ensure it doesn’t build up is to simply design your bathroom so that it cannot accumulate in the first place. 

Secondly, there are things you can do to enhance your bathroom so the space seems deceptively large. With that being said, we’re going to look at 12 design tips that can inspire you to create your ultimate minimalist bathroom. 

1) Neutral Tones

Photo credit: Jean van der Meulen

Neutral tones are great for minimalism as they don’t take attention away from the rest of the design. Furthermore, neutral tones such as whites and light greys can help to brighten your bathroom during the day. 

2) Floating Vanities 

Photo credit: Max Vakhtbovych

Floating vanities are a great way to make your bathroom feel more spacious. Not only do they give you more legroom, but also allow for a larger mirror to be installed above the vanity. Some have called floating vanities to be a fad. However, if installed properly in a suitable position, they can generate a timeless appeal. 

3) Subtle Vanity Underlighting 

Photo credit: Max Vakhtbovych

Vanity underlighting is a great way to highlight your design features. If you have cabinets underneath the vanity or even just an especially nice feature, installing some underlighting can enhance the feature, offer better visibility and contribute to creating a relaxing ambience. This will actually increase the visual space in the room as well as highlight what you’ve done with that empty corner of wall

4) Large Mirrors 

Photo credit: Max Vakhtbovych

Large mirrors can generate an illusion of extra space and enhance natural light. One thing to be careful with here is if there are any other mirrors in the room, like for example, if any were to be placed behind the large mirror. The reason for this is that it can create infinite illusions and may be confusing for the eye. Another thing to bear in mind is that for the body-conscious, this may not be a suitable option.

5) Underlit Mirrors

Photo credit: Max Vakhtbovych

Assuming you’ve used neutral colours, a mirror with underglow lighting can help to create a relaxing ambient scene for your bathroom, depending on its placement. It also adds some serenity to the room as it will reflect lights from the central light source in the room. This will make your bathroom feel expansive and relaxing.

6) Minimising Contrast 

Photo credit: Jean van der Meulen

Contrasts can be used to your advantage in a small bathroom, however–to keep the neutral appeal, it’s best if contrast is minimised. Some designs use striking colour contrasts to highlight the status piece of a room, but that approach often loses the essence of minimalism. Minimal contrast can again add to the illusion of space, making the bathroom feel larger and more welcoming by adding a sense of depth. 

7) LED Strip Lighting 

Photo credit: Vecislavas Popa

When designing a modern bathroom, most homeowners opt for spotlights–however, spotlights may not be ideal when it comes to minimalism. In order for spotlights to cover the room sufficiently, there need to be multiple fixtures in the ceiling and for some, when going for a minimalist approach, this may be too much. They become all too noticeable. 

With LED strip lighting, the light feels like it’s naturally coming out of the room and it can really enhance the surrounding design features. It also gives off very little heat, therefore can be installed in tight spaces without risk of any damage, although it’s best to check this with a professional installer just to be on the safe side. 

8) No Shower Pan

Photo credit: Vecislavas Popa

A walk in shower is a great way to make your bathroom feel more luxurious while also adding to that minimalist feel. Standard showers usually have a shower pan–this is the material (often acrylic) that you step on. It’s often hard to ensure the shower pan matches the surrounding tiles, therefore creating some kind of contrast. Having no shower pan can create an illusion of space, although whether this is a suitable option depends on the material the shower is being built on. 

9) Ditch The Opening Shower Door

Photo credit: Vecislavas Popa

If you have enough space, you might want to consider removing the door of your bathroom all together instead of using just frameless glass doors or even a sliding door that can limit how much light comes into your space as well as take up floor space which could’ve been used for something else. Although this is not suitable for every bathroom due to obvious reasons such as limited size or the need for privacy, it can work well with large bathrooms where there is much more to do and see

Frameless glass shower doors and enclosures have the advantage of both being functional as well as giving a feeling of spaciousness in your bathroom. Combine this with underfloor heating or some efficient LED lighting, you will be sure to give yourself more room to relax without any unnecessary clutter.


10) Detached Bathtub

Photo credit: Rene Asmussen 

A detached bathtub is a great way to maximise your space and make your bathroom feel more open. Although they are often perceived as being less practical, you can still have the option of using a shower curtain or even an enclosed glass door which will still allow for some measures of privacy.

11) Ditch the Curtains 

Photo credit: Max Vakhtbovych

Shower curtains are a common feature in bathrooms and are generally used to give as much privacy as possible.  They can often be very thick and drape onto the floor which is not only visually unappealing but takes up more space than required. If you’re planning on having baths, and the bathroom flooring is of suitable material to sustain any water spillages, then simply ditching the shower curtains can help immensely.  

12) Use Nature Sparingly 

Photo by cottonbro

Try to avoid using too many plants in your bathroom if you’re going for the minimalist approach. One or two small plants are usually enough–any more and the bathroom will begin to feel a little cluttered. Although plants are a great way to add some extra life into the room, they will also take up valuable space and may not be ideal for bathrooms that can get very humid. This of course depends on the type of plant–however, if you’re thinking of bringing plants into the bathroom, this should be thought about in the early stages, as you’ll need to consider colours that compliment the greenery. 


13) Ultra-Thin Floor Tiles

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

Thin tiles on your floor will make the bathroom feel more open as space won’t be taken up by the thickness of the tiles themselves. Incorrectly installed tiles (especially bulky ones) can create the unfortunate illusion of clutter, which isn’t ideal. Thin tiles are also a great way to express the surrounding design features as they won’t suck attention away from the colour scheme and ambience. The advantage here is that you’ll also have more freedom when it comes to choosing what colours you use throughout.

14) Minimise Designated Trays & Shelving Space

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska

Having a large open space to put toiletries on will make it all too tempting to clutter the space. Thinking ahead, it might make a little more sense to avoid the issue altogether by opting for minimalist shelving space and designated trays to put toiletries on. 

15) Get Towels That Match

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska

Now while this isn’t really a bathroom design tip, it’s still highly overlooked – towels and accessories that go into the bathroom can have an impact on the design, especially if they’re staying put. The wrong coloured towels can undo the effort that’s gone into creating the right minimalist ambience for your bathroom, so it’s important (if you want to maintain the consistency) to get the towels that match and even blend in with your bathroom. 

16) Maximising Natural Light

If possible, avoid blocking off any natural light in your bathroom. Maximising the amount of natural light by keeping any windows or glass showers as big and unobstructed as possible will create a very relaxing atmosphere. However, this point only really applies if you’re building an extension where the bathroom will be situated–as you’ll be able to speak with the architect on how to maximise light. 

Need Help With Your Bathroom?

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