9 Kitchen Storage Hacks To Increase Space & Make Your Life Easier

There are things you can do right now to increase your storage space. You’ll be surprised at how simple it can be (& just how little effort it takes) to get more space out of your existing kitchen.

Let’s go through some tips:

1. Slide-out compartments

Compartments like these slide out automatically, making sure you don’t need to bend over in awkward positions to reach what’s at the back of the cupboard – instead, your pots come straight to you.

What’s neat about a solution like this is that every pot has its own space. There’s no need to pile tonnes of pots upon one another, when they’re all laid out perfectly.

2. Wall Shelving

Image by Maria Orlova 

If you’re in need of extra space, and your walls are empty – don’t be afraid to put them to work.

Here’s the thing about wall shelving though – you need to make sure you hang up what you use on a regular basis only. If not, you risk dust settling on your items. If you’re placing cups on an open shelf, it’s best to make sure they’re faced down to avoid dust build up. 

Oh, and obvious note – don’t put anything heavy up there – or anything sharp! 

3. Group Items Into Zones

Image by Tony Smith

Grouping like items into zones will help you to maintain clarity and know where things are at all times. 

Keep your cleaning, bakeware, crockery, pans and appliances in separate designated areas, and try not to deviate from this. It may get tempting to hang something up where it doesn’t belong (we all have lazy moments) but it’ll defeat the purpose of this approach. 

The area chosen for each should be practical for use; so pans near the hob, crockery near your table or under a kitchen island. Consider how small additions can help you. For example, a retractable towel pole near your sink can utilise a tiny space to make a convenient solution.

4. Declutter Your Kitchen 

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians 

This one may sound obvious and doesn’t require much explaining, but honestly – decluttering your kitchen is all it takes sometimes!

5. Go Minimalist 

Image by Max Vakhtbovych

This is ideal if you’re in a flat or have a small kitchen space. Going minimalist can save you a lot of headache & time when it comes to decluttering – because there’ll hardly be anything to declutter. 

However, in a busy family home, this might be difficult because naturally, there’ll be a lot more pots & pans to cater for kids.

6. Increase Lighting 

Image by Jesse Bridgewater 

Now here’s the thing about lighting – it obviously won’t declutter your space, but it sure can add to the illusion of extra space. 

If there are dark parts of your kitchen, it’s going to feel smaller. Better lighting can make the space feel open & breathable, as long as it’s tidy. The lights don’t need to be obvious either, they can be spotlights, as seen in this picture – they still open the place up. 

7. Choose a deep sink 

Image by Mike Gattorna 

f you’re sick & tired of seeing dishes piled up, a deeper sink isn’t going to help you clean the dishes faster, but it’ll certainly get more of them out of your sight. 

The truth is, if dishes are going to pile up in the sink anyway, they might as well start piling from the lowest possible height. This leaves the surrounding worktop area clear. Obviously though – don’t let them pile up for too long! 

If you do choose to go for a deep sink however, remember there’s going to be extra weight and that your worktop needs to be strong enough to handle it. 

8. Divide Your Drawer Space 

Image by Cooktime on Pixabay

How annoying is it when you put something in your drawer and it doesn’t fully shut because whatever you put in didn’t fit. Or perhaps it’s being nudged up by something below it. 

That problem can be avoided if you divide your drawers. Ikea has some great, low-cost products to help you organise your drawers. Like-wise, you can find similar items on Amazon.

9. Hang those pans up

Image by Niki Nagy

This point might not help you declutter, but it’ll certainly make your life easier if A) you’re using pans regularly, and B) have some wall space to play around with. 

You don’t need to hang up every pan either, only the one or two pans you use regularly.

We hope you found those tips useful! If you’re thinking of doing a complete redesign of your kitchen, and you’re based in, or near London, U.K, then we’d love to help you out. Contact our expert designers to get an idea of costs & time-frames involved to install your dream kitchen.

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