14 Clever Tricks & Ideas To Give Your Small Bathroom A Luxurious Feel

1. Use Subtle Patterns 

To create a sense of luxury in a small bathroom,, patterns should be subtle and ideally have an earthly aesthetic – such as marble. If patterns are too bold, this can risk making the bathroom feel cramped and claustrophobic. Patterns that display natural elements can ensure the  room doesn’t  become too overpowering. They create a clean and sophisticated look that makes your bathroom feel as though it’s connected to the elements.

2. Consider a Monochromatic Scheme

If you’re on a budget or have some time to repaint your bathroom, going monochronistic is one thing to consider. If you’ve decided that your bathroom needs some color, then stick with that one shade for everything including accessories and fixtures. This trick can be a fool-proof-fallback because not only does it provide cohesion but it’s also easy on the eyes. 

3. Avoid Bold Colours 

In large bathrooms, bold colours might work, however in smaller bathrooms, this can risk making the bathroom feel even smaller – something to very much avoid. This is why luxury bathrooms  tend to have simple, minimalist decor to enhance space. Having said that, you shouldn’t cross this idea off the list completely because an experienced designer might be able to pull off a bold colour contrast in a small bathroom, especially if it can fit in with a colour scheme that matches the rest of your property.

4. Natural Colour Palette 

The colour palette of your bathroom is an important factor in achieving a luxurious ambience. As with any room, neutral colours are always the safest choice when it comes to creating luxury bathrooms . However, if you want to try something different, natural hues can work well. Earthy tones quickly create images of being near nature and because they are so calming, they naturally do well for relaxed retreats.

5. Add Stone-Like Textures 

Similar to the idea of using natural colours, bathrooms with stone-like textures are able to create luxury aesthetics. Many luxury bathrooms tend to have marble-like finishes because by nature, the marble pattern is quite subtle and has a natural colour palette as standard. If you want to explore different marble textures, our sister-company Zen Stone has a large range of marble worktops and surfaces to choose from. 

6. Clean Lines & Open Dividers 

Heavy patterned wallpaper may seem daunting in small spaces since it can make an area feel smaller than it already is. As such, if you do want to use wall paper in your bathroom, opt for something simple instead. If you’re after a more timeless look that won’t age quickly, then go for open dividers between areas in your bathroom rather than crowded patterns. This  allows for your eye to effortlessly move throughout the space without being interrupted. Also, it doesn’t hurt to add some sleek tile work against the walls and floors to continue with that monochromatic theme.

7. Use Mirrors Strategically 

If you thought mirrors were just for vanity purposes, you might be surprised at how versatile they can be. For example, consider using ones as high as the ceiling or on a wall that is shorter than the others. By doing this, you are able to expand the appearance of your bathroom which results in an overall more luxurious experience for those who use it.

7. Underglow Lighting 

Underglow lighting allows you to highlight your bathroom’s best features by providing discreet but atmospheric lighting. This creates an extremely luxurious feel, even if the rest of your home doesn’t follow suit. 

8. Avoid Vibrant Colour Clashes 

 Although you may have a specific colour themed bathroom idea, it’s important to remember not to mix too many colours together. This can create a visually jarring look that is anything but luxurious so be sure to keep it simple and match similar hues as closely as possible.

9. Keep Contrasts Subtle 

In a luxury bathroom, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to add some contrasting elements such as marble and wood. However, when doing so, try to keep the contrasts subtle for the most minimalistic look possible. This is because bold contrasts in colours or styles can create odd feelings in people and can quickly detract from an otherwise luxurious decor.

10. Think Vertical 

When adding wall length mirrors and other fixtures in your small bathroom, avoid placing these in front of window spaces if they’re on one wall. This means that you’ll want to consider adding them elsewhere which could be above shower stalls or bathtubs instead of alongside them.

11. Thin Tile Spacing

In most small luxury bathrooms, it’s best to keep the patterns and contrasts subtle. When tile spacing remains thin, this doesn’t distract the eye from the bathroom’s status pieces. On the other hand, when tile spacing is thicker, this can be a little distracting. It’s important that you speak to a professional when picking the right tiles, because due to their design, some tiles make it difficult to ensure the spacing is thin.

12. Fixed-Door Walk-In Shower

The shower should be able to take advantage of the entire space and allow you to move about with ease, which is exactly what walk-in showers can accomplish. By incorporating fixed glass panels instead of sliding ones, there’s no need for extra space on one side and the benefits are endless: you’re able to step right into your shower enclosure rather than having to slide or swing open a door first. 

13. Silver Rain Shower Head

A fixed rain shower head is a superb way to bring luxury to your bathroom. If you can do away with the shower cord, this can make your shower feel less clunky and achieve a more minimalist vibe. The main gamble here is if you’re going for a fixed shower head, which can improve the aesthetics,  as opposed to one with swivel abilities which can be more practical. 

12. Candle Scent 

Many homeowners forget that building a luxury bathroom isn’t just about creating a luxury aesthetic experience. Focusing on heightening your other senses can make a big difference too.  Luxury scented candles in your bathroom can revitalise your mood from the moment you walk into the bathroom. 

13. Get Towels That Match The Colour Scheme

This is a simple trick to make your bathroom look much more luxurious. The reason why matching towels with the colour scheme of a room can actually create a much more polished, refined and sophisticated feel is because it subconsciously tricks the mind into thinking the entire room matches one another, even if you’re using different materials for different fixtures. So whether you’re using monotone marble, dark wood finishes or pastel hues, choosing matching towels can help you create a more coherent design.

14. Use Plants Sparingly

When it comes to luxury, simpler is generally better. While plants may seem like a good way to create an organic feel in your bathroom, they also require more work than you’d expect (like constant watering). On top of this, the amount of moisture they produce can make humidity levels skyrocket and create a shower room without adequate ventilation which can lead to mould build-up. To avoid this problem simply place them outside the shower area or away from any heat sources if possible. And while it might be tempting to add some greenery for natural appeal, remember that less is always more when trying to achieve a luxurious aesthetic.

Do You Need Help Designing A Luxury Bathroom? 

At Zen Kuchen, we’ve got over 50 years of combined craftsmanship experience designing and fitting bespoke kitchens and bathrooms in London. Our designers are on hand to make sure you’re getting the most from your budget (and of course, staying in budget too). If you’d like to request an appointment, you can do so by clicking here and we can help you build a luxury bathroom you’ll love.

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