How Long Does It Take To Remodel a Kitchen? DIY Vs Hiring a Professional

Every kitchen is unique, and this can make determining a remodelling project’s true length a bit more challenging.

There are, however, some estimates that can be given about the average time required for kitchen and bathroom remodelling projects.

Approximate timeline for Kitchen Remodeling: 

Remodelling a kitchen can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the size and scope of the project.

There are a few routes you can take when remodelling your kitchen:

  1. The DIY approach: this would involve doing everything yourself from start to finish. However, it’s not recommended for those with zero building, designing or DIY experience.
  2. The half & half approach: in this situation, you might choose to work on designing and simple fitting tasks while hiring experts to take care of specialist tasks (like heavy-lifting or electrical work). However, this entirely depends on where your strengths lie.
  3. The full hand-held experience: this would involve getting a kitchen remodelling company to design the kitchen as well as install it (it’s what we do here at Zen Kuchen). The benefit here is that you get access to a professional designer who’s worked on plenty of projects. They can say whether you’re likely to bump into any future mishaps with your intended design, or if you’ve missed anything crucial.

Out of all the above options, number 3 will seem like the most expensive. However, there’s usually less risk as you’ll have access to professional opinions and more warranties. In that case, it’s best to put your efforts into choosing the best desig & fitting service for your needs.

Comparing DIY Time-Frames to Hiring a Professional

If you want a deeper look into timelines, let’s look at each individual stage of the kitchen remodelling process & how long things might take if any mishaps occurred should you go down the DIY route.

Step 1. Deciding what you want your kitchen to look like 

This can take a very long time if you’re not quite sure yet. In fact, some individuals never get anything off the ground because they remain stuck at this phase. That’s the risk with going DIY.

It might not be a huge problem if you’re after something very simple or similar to your existing kitchen. In that case, it can take around a week to do the research. That means getting an idea of what current trends exist, colour schemes, deciding on suitable materials for your lifestyle.

However, this can drag on if you want to go for a premium, unique look.

Alternatively, hiring a kitchen design & remodelling business means you get access to a professionally trained designer. They will be the ones to make recommendations and you’ll have a chance to ask questions as to why a certain material works (or doesn’t) and receive instant feedback. Sometimes, it’s this assurance that can make all the difference in how quickly you move on to the next stage.

Step 2. Removing your old kitchen

If you were to go down the DIY route here, it might take anywhere from four full workdays days (assuming you have the correct tools). That includes removing the existing kitchen, disposing of all rubbish and then preparing for installation by laying floor tiles or a new wood floor. However, any delays here can add weeks to the timeline.

If you were to hire an expert remodelling company who would do this for you, they could get it done in about one day (which is the best-case scenario). They’d also likely arrive with all the correct tools in place and have their own methods of disposing rubbish.

Something homeowners underestimate is the amount of waste that’s going to be removed from their kitchen. The old cabinets and worktops need to go somewhere. For those who live in apartments where there are no front or rear gardens, this can be a nightmare, since there won’t be much room elsewhere to store waste.

This all of course depends on the size of your current kitchen, however, you’d be surprised at how much time & waste a small kitchen can produce once dismantled.

Step 3. Installation of the new kitchen

The time it takes to install your kitchen DIY-style all depends on your handyman and craftsmanship skills. For a small kitchen, this can take around 4 to 5 workdays (if everything were to go smoothly). This of course depends on whether you’re doing it alone or if you’ve got someone to help you.

Again, any headaches here can push the project forward by weeks, sometimes even months if you’ve ordered any parts in limited supply.

However, going DIY can be a risk when installing worktops. That’s because some worktops require proof of professional installation otherwise the warranty becomes void.

Improper installation might cause cracks to form in certain worktops over time, such as Quartz.

With that being said, not only is there a risk in going over the estimated timeline with DIY, but there’s also the risk of voiding warranties due to improper installation.

This might not be an issue with low-cost materials that don’t require specialist cutting services.

However, kitchen design & remodelling services often provide a guarantee that spans for years. This means that if spot any out-of-the-ordinary issues with your kitchen, the remodelling service will fix it for you. You would however need to check with the individual terms of who you’re choosing as this is likely to vary amongst different providers.

Step 4. Aftercare & maintenance

Those involved in a trade will have some advantage by default. However, if that’s not you, then going DIY here means having to scour the internet & read workbook manuals to learn about the best maintenance tips for your specific worktops.

This could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days (or more) on top of the maintenance tasks required to keep your worktops in good condition. However, if you were to miss anything, it could spell complications further down the line.

The benefit of hiring a kitchen design & remodelling company is that you get access to professional advice.

Not only will they provide you with the plans for what needs fixed or replaced in future, but many companies offer their own insurance policies that cover them against any liability during the installation process. This is because if there were ever to be any faults with the kitchen, it would fall under their own insurance policy.

This could result in a hefty bill for something that you might not have noticed or realised was faulty during installation if you were to go down the DIY route. It’s worth checking over your new kitchen minutes after it has been installed to make sure everything is up-to-standard and as expected before they leave.


So as we can see here, the kitchen remodelling process is likely to take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks if you were to work with a professional team from start to finish.

This can of course go up depending on the complexity of the project and the difficulty of sourcing certain materials, especially if you’re after something rare. In that case, the timeline might creep up to around the 8-week mark and beyond.

A professional team brings with them a degree of predictability, certainty and assurance so the estimated timeline is unlikely to skew off into something unreasonable.

On the other hand, going DIY might save you the costs you might pay for the labour necessary to design and install. However, this comes with a degree of uncertainty. While it is of course possible to completely remodel a kitchen through DIY in a matter of weeks, without the right technical knowledge, tools and skills, the project can run into months and even years. Not to mention, there’s unlikely to be any warranty in place for materials that require professional instalment, and they’re certainly won’t be any warranty for the craftsmanship if you were to do it yourself.

That being said, when considering DIY, you might want to calculate how much can be saved in the long run (over a 10 to 15 year period) as opposed to hiring a professional designing & remodelling service.

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