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kitchen colour chart

What Does Your Kitchen Colour Scheme Mean?

This January, perhaps you are considering a new kitchen colour scheme. This is often part of a kitchen extension or refit process. It impacts every decision, from cabinet doors to worktops. How do you choose which colours will work best in your kitchen? Which colours work with which design styles? What will your kitchen colourRead More…

new year party

New Year Party Checklist

Are you planning to host a shindig at home this New Year? As you know, the cool people all hang out in the kitchen at parties. And, these days, if your party is a sit-down affair you’re more likely than not to eat in the kitchen. So how should you be using your kitchen toRead More…

mulled wine on kitchen table

How to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Christmas

“So”, says every other person that you speak to, “are you ready for Christmas?”  In the spirit of maintaining friendships this Yuletide, it’s best that you don’t scream at them. Instead, you can foster an inner sense of serenity by taking control of the most central room of the season: your kitchen. Maybe you’ve recentlyRead More…

kitchen cabinets

The Best Ways to Utilise the Top of Your Kitchen Cabinets

We all hate wasted space. However, in many kitchens, it’s right there all around the room above your kitchen cabinets. The most radical solution to this is, of course, to redesign and refurbish your kitchen space. As part of the design process, wasted space can be minimised and utilised in a functional way. However, perhapsRead More…

traditional kitchen

The Real Reasons that Traditional Kitchens Remain Popular

Sometimes the perpetually turning wheel of progress and modernisation can feel overwhelming. As technology and industry storm ahead, feelings of warmth and comfort can feel left behind. In the world of kitchen design, at least, there is the reliably constant haven of the traditional kitchen in which to take cover. But why does this styleRead More…

halloween treats in the kitchen

9 Ways to Make a Totally Terrifying Halloween Kitchen

Are you a fan of fright? Super keen on Halloween? From large parties to small gatherings, the people of the UK are increasingly enjoying the annual celebration of all things ghoulish. And where better to set the scene than your kitchen? If you’ve recently refitted your kitchen, creating a Halloween kitchen is a great wayRead More…

kitchen storage

The Importance of Storage: Six of the best tips, hacks and investments

One of the most common priorities for customers refitting and redesigning their kitchen is to increase storage. We all enjoy browsing through images of storage solutions, wondering at the intricacy and ingenuity of these resolutions to problems that we never knew we had! Often, the key to great kitchen storage is actually very simple. And sometimes,Read More…

kitchen with tv

The Labour Free Kitchen: Which appliances are a must?

  Who out there is quietly but optimistically waiting for technology to catch up with the need for a kitchen to simultaneously wash our dishes, sweep up the crumbs, iron our shirts and make us a cup of tea at the touch of a button? Perhaps this is a little unrealistic. However, labour saving devicesRead More…

handle-less kitchen cabinets

Should You Wave Goodbye to Your Cabinet Handles?

One of the best, and most liberating, things about refitting your kitchen is that you start with a completely clean slate. Everything that you have taken for granted about this room is up for a rethink. This includes cabinet handles. Not just handle style, but whether you want to have handles at all!  You mayRead More…

modern traditional integrated kitchen

Are You Modern or Traditional in the Kitchen?

The dinner conversation goes thus: – “So, we’re planning to refit our kitchen” – “How exciting, will you be going modern or traditional?” – “Ummm, I’d not thought about it…” – “Well that’s the first question they’ll ask. You have to have thought about it. How can you not have thought about it???” – “IRead More…

monochrome kitchen

7 Ways to Carry Off Monochrome in Your Kitchen

With so many colour options out there, it is easy to see why many people feel daunted! Vibrant paints, toned granite worktops and glossy cabinets can lead to confusion if you’re unsure what you like. So if it all seems a bit much, why not shun colour and leap into monochrome? Sticking to the starkRead More…

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