Zenkuchen: The Real Reasons that Traditional Kitchens Remain Popular

Sometimes the perpetually turning wheel of progress and modernisation can feel overwhelming. As technology and industry storm ahead, feelings of warmth and comfort can feel left behind. In the world of kitchen design, at least, there is the reliably constant haven of the traditional kitchen in which to take cover. But why does this style of kitchen remain so popular?

What is There to Love?

Well, this is all to do with what makes a traditional kitchen traditional. The phrase ‘traditional’ is not one style alone. It covers designs like shaker, country, farmhouse, coastal and craftsman to name a few. There are, however, some basic elements that tend to be common to all traditional kitchens. Cabinet doors generally have handles, colours will tend to be muted, materials natural and the design focus is on crafted details rather than sleek lines.

Loving the Detail

A common part of the traditional kitchen to find detail is on cabinet doors. Shaker panels are ideal here as they are flexible in intricacy of moulding. Coastal style strips can offer a fresh look that is all New England. Or look towards crown moulded panels and cabinet surrounds for something a bit more Olde England. If detail is what you love, a bevelled worktop edge, often known as an Ogee Edge, brings a sense of grandeur. All of this detail makes your kitchen classy and interesting, and this is what attracts lovers of the traditional kitchen.

Loving the Colour

The colour palette of the traditional kitchen will tend to be muted or pastel. Creams and soft blues and greens are the go to shades here. When you’re thinking about colour it is vital to achieve the correct shade, otherwise, your whole look can be undermined. Where contemporary designs are all about minimising the number of colours used, traditional kitchens will tend to use a lot of different hues within a colour palette. Consulting your kitchen designer is a good idea here to ensure that your wall, cabinet and worktop colours are complementary. Done right, your traditional kitchen will be an uplifting and energising space.

Loving the Materials

From wood to stone to ceramics, the materials of a traditional kitchen will, in the main, be natural. Whether a warm wood or cooler stone is more practical for the day to day life in your kitchen, it’s about how these materials feel and function as well as how they look. For wooden cabinets, many shaker and coastal styles highlight the grain of wood as part of the design. Natural stone worktops in limestone and granite complement a range of concepts due to the varied finish and tones available. Farmhouse kitchens will often use large stone tiles which are not only aesthetically in keeping, but also practical for a working kitchen. This focus on the natural is what makes traditional kitchen styles timeless.

Love How You Live

Kitchen designs based on traditional styles display your living. This is in contrast to modernist rooms that seek to hide functionality. You can achieve this sense of display by including an open fronted kitchen island or open shelving in the design. These features allow items such as cook books or tea and coffee pots to be on display as well as being accessible for practical use. Glass fronted cabinets can fulfil this look while keeping the items out of dirt’s way! When a traditional kitchen is all about how that room works as a cooking, baking and eating space, showing all the things that make it that space is what makes it homely and accommodating.

Loving the Artisan

For traditional kitchens that look to a country or farmhouse concept, a wooden dresser is often a vital addition to the room. These pieces are ideal vehicles to display a love of the artisan. From intricate pottery to handmade glassware, a display of crafted items can be central in building an atmosphere of warmth and creativity. When a room can incite these positive feelings, it is clear to see why these styles remain so popular.

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