Zenkuchen: The Labour Free Kitchen: Which appliances are a must?

Who out there is quietly but optimistically waiting for technology to catch up with the need for a kitchen to simultaneously wash our dishes, sweep up the crumbs, iron our shirts and make us a cup of tea at the touch of a button? Perhaps this is a little unrealistic. However, labour saving devices have become a huge part of what makes a great kitchen. So when you refit a kitchen, what should you look out for in terms of appliances?


Is your kitchen one large space, or do you have a separate utility room? Perhaps your kitchen refit is all about defining these two spaces. To create a closed-off space for those noisier appliances like washers and dryers. Washing machines at least are vital pieces of kit for any kitchen or utility space and it is your layout that will often direct the specification of an appliance on which you need to focus. For example, minimised noise will be more important for kitchen layouts that include a washing machine in the main space.

Heart of the Kitchen

The cooking function is traditionally the centrepiece, or heart, of your kitchen. Moreover, it is often the heart of the home itself. So make it count. With options including electric, gas or induction hobs, range ovens, double or single capacity ovens, microwaves and warming drawers to consider, this is a huge area to take on.

Some of your decisions will be made for you by the amount of space that you have. Others will be down to your habits and lifestyle. Perhaps you are desperate for an integrated microwave that can be accommodated by ditching the double oven for a single. If you tend to cook as a couple or family, it makes sense to spread out your hob and oven so that you’re not bumping into each other. Or maybe you’re an impassioned baker who cannot do without a warming drawer.

Remote Control

With Wi-fi connectivity revolutionising so many functions, choosing connected appliances can change your life. If you’re a busy family contending with multiple schedules, being able to switch on your oven whilst on the school run can ease the juggle. Or controlling your fridge or dishwasher through an app is one less thing to worry about when you leave the house for a business getaway. This technology will only become more capable as it advances so if you can see potential benefits for your lifestyle, it is important to have this capability when choosing your appliances now, even if you can’t see yourself using it just yet.


A kitchen is no longer just a place to create culinary delights. It’s a social and relaxation space too. Accordingly, there has been an increase in kitchen audiovisual capability. Wall mounted screens and Wi-Fi connected sound systems can link the space up with the rest of your home. So whether you’re creating a musical mood for a social evening or simply catching up with Eastenders while you make dinner, integrating the AV appliances of your kitchen are a great option.

On the Counter

Where most designers seek to hide and integrate kitchen appliances for aesthetic and functional purposes, some appliances are simply expected to be seen. Although there are emerging technologies to surface integrate toasters, or you can opt for a hot water tap instead of a kettle, some choose statement countertop appliances which take pride of place on a worktop. Explore ranges of toasters and coffee machines that sit alongside each other like a curated gallery. Kettles which look great on your induction hob. Or go retro and display a classic Kitchenaid mixer to declare your bake-off tendencies.

At Zen Küchen we understand the importance of functionality in a kitchen. Working with brands such as Neff, Bosch, Kitchenaid and Samsung, we ensure that your new appliances will be reliable, correctly installed and look great!

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