The Importance of Storage: Six of the best tips, hacks and investments

One of the most common priorities for customers refitting and redesigning their kitchen is to increase storage. We all enjoy browsing through images of storage solutions, wondering at the intricacy and ingenuity of these resolutions to problems that we never knew we had! Often, the key to great kitchen storage is actually very simple. And sometimes, investing in purpose built and fitted kitchen storage is something that will revolutionise your life!

1. Decluttering

To make the most of the kitchen storage space that you do have, you need to get brutal. If you are refitting or redecorating your kitchen, this is a perfect time to declutter. Take extra time when returning the contents of your kitchen to discard (or pass to a charity shop – we’re not advocating waste here!) anything that you don’t use. Be honest with yourself. If you’ve not used it for a year, you don’t need it.  If the desiccated coconut is five years old, it’s not going to be eaten. You’ll be amazed at the space that is unveiled.

2. Zones

Grouping like items into zones will help you to maintain clarity within your storage. Keep your cleaning, bakeware, crockery, pans and appliances in separate designated areas. The area chosen for each should be practical for use; so pans near the hob, crockery near your table or under a kitchen island. Consider how small additions can help you. For example, a retractable towel pole near your sink can utilise a tiny space to make a convenient solution.

3. Look to History

Storage solutions can appear to be all about innovative design. However we don’t always need to look towards the future. Taking inspiration from the past can sometimes bring great solutions. Decant your ingredients into reusable glass or tin containers. Clearly label them and keep them together. You’ll be able to locate what you need quickly and easily. And with containers which are the same size and shape, you’ll optimise the unit space that you have. Look to the Victorians for clothes drying solutions and fit a ceiling airer into your utility room to lift your laundry out of sight.

4. Pull Out

For kitchen refits, investing in pull-out storage utilises the maximum under counter space. Deep drawers are a popular replacement for cupboards in refitted kitchens. These under counter drawers can house anything from refrigerators to pans to waste organisation. Viewing from above gives you easy access to more of the space. But it doesn’t end here. Full height pull-out pantry cupboards which are open both sides will prevent you from losing ingredients at the back of a cupboard.

5. Use All Space

Clever tools within a standard cupboard can give you access to tricky areas. For cleaning cupboards, mix a tall space with hooks and small shelves. These smaller solutions are hidden from view but allow you to easily zone your items. Maximising your space need not be all about cabinets though. Clever wall storage for frequently used items such as utensils, condiments or chopping boards will keep these items off the worktops but still within access.

6. Height

To maximise storage in a kitchen design, the height of a room should be embraced. It can be easy to ignore height if it means that units are hard to access. However, the key thing here is to wisely choose what is kept in these higher units. While decluttering you will have discarded things that you don’t use, but what about seasonal items? We’re thinking of turkey platters, fondue sets and pumpkin carving utensils. Store them up high and they’ll be there when you need them without getting in the way. Or invest in clever pull-down units within these cabinets to optimise the space while still keeping it accessible.



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