Zenkuchen: New Year Party Checklist

Are you planning to host a shindig at home this New Year? As you know, the cool people all hang out in the kitchen at parties. And, these days, if your party is a sit-down affair you’re more likely than not to eat in the kitchen. So how should you be using your kitchen to best effect to end 2018 with a bang and welcome 2019 with a sparkle? Other than ensuring a plentiful supply of midnight fizz, that is!

Big Bash

Are you filling your home with the great and good of your address book? A new year party is a great time to show off your new kitchen or say bye to your old one – but equally, it carries the greater risk of damage occurring. So plan ahead to maximise fun and minimise incident!

Guest list

Don’t let it get out of control. An open invite on social media is more likely to take you unawares so keep a controlled eye on your expected numbers.


Everyone loves a theme (well, perhaps not everyone!) so why not embrace this for your New Year party? Whether you choose a colour or a letter, it’ll give your guests a great icebreaker without having to overindulge on the mulled wine that’s sitting on your NEFF hob!

The glassware

Ensure you have enough glassware available for all of your guests. Whether you choose to hire in, borrow or simply root out all of those odd glasses that were packed away prior to your last kitchen refit. It’s best to keep glasses out on work surfaces to avoid your guests attempting to locate them in your handleless cabinets.

The soundtrack

How technically connected is your kitchen? Smart wi-fi based sound systems such as Sonos, Echo Dot or Google Home will ensure that you can maintain a seamless festive playlist across the various rooms of your home. Or zone your spaces by playing a more relaxed selection for those guests wanting to relax in the kitchen.


Lower lighting levels come as standard for parties large and small. Perhaps you’ve invested in a Philips Hue system (or similar) during a kitchen refit. This gives you the flexibility of hue, brightness and tone. Or simply string fairy lights and focus your lighting with under-cabinet downlights to set the mood. It’s helpful to ensure that your lighting still allows your guests to see if you’re keen to avoid spillages and breakages around your stone topped kitchen island!

Cosy Dinner

Include the cook

There’s a reason that most modern and contemporary kitchen configurations include integrated eating facilities. At a time when connectivity is king, we like to involve the cook instead of isolating them. So whether your kitchen features a full dining zone or a kitchen island designed for entertaining, your party remains relaxed and friendly.

Zone the party

To avoid too much formality, serve canapés at your breakfast bar or kitchen island before taking seats at the dining table. Your guests will experience much more of the kitchen space and the new year party is given a direction and flow.


No matter the size of a dinner party, games work as an excellent icebreaker. From simple trivia to interactive games on your smart speaker system, your new year party guests are sure to have a giggle while sampling the delights that emerge from your double oven!

Keep up with clearing

A dinner party only becomes stressful when the dirty dishes begin to overtake the fun. This is among the reasons that many a contemporary kitchen refit or extension includes two dishwashers. This clever use of kitchen appliances means that the evidence can be swiftly swept away to be dealt with the next day… or more accurately, next year!

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