How to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Christmas

“So”, says every other person that you speak to, “are you ready for Christmas?”

In the spirit of maintaining friendships this Yuletide, it’s best that you don’t scream at them. Instead, you can foster an inner sense of serenity by taking control of the most central room of the season: your kitchen.

Maybe you’ve recently had a kitchen refit and you’re showing it off by hosting a massive family Christmas. Maybe it’s your last Christmas before a much-awaited kitchen extension in 2019. Or maybe you’re planning a quiet one and simply long to make this room feel as festive as the rest of the house.

Oven Limitations

If you’re planning to cook a turkey for 16, make sure that a bird this size can actually fit in your oven! For recently refurbished kitchens this shouldn’t be a problem, with up to date appliances such as a large fitted double oven becoming the standard choice. Remember, it’s not the law to eat turkey – it may be more practical for you to choose a beef wellington instead!

The Long Game

Of course, your kitchen is not just under strain on Christmas day itself. The lead up to the big day will see a jump in culinary activity to get you in the mood and feel more ready for Christmas. This also has the benefit of infusing your home with the smells of Christmas; cinnamon, gingerbread, mulled wine… delicious!  With all this activity, you’ll make extensive use of your worktop space, and if you’ve installed a kitchen island it’ll come into its own here.


Make sure that you have adequate storage for accumulated leftovers, both in terms of containers and cabinets. So the start of December is an ideal time to purge your cupboards and refrigerator in preparation. This way you’ll be ready for Christmas storage of mince pies, gingerbread and other treats and nibbles without compromising the space on your worktop. While you’re doing this, why not take unneeded tinned goods to the food bank and spread a little goodwill in the process?

Tiny Details

Sometimes it’s the little things that make space feel ready for Christmas. That festively themed tea towel that Auntie Brenda got you last year – why not use it?! The Christmas pudding mug that the kids got you once – dig it out and fill it with nuts. In turning your attention to detail, don’t forget the practical things. For a busy Christmas, you’re going to need a lot of wine glasses. If you like to have a pan of mulled wine on the stove, make sure that you have sufficient tumblers on hand for all the family and friends who drop by!

Practical Decoration

The kitchen is all about food. So make a display of your edibles. Make clove decorated oranges (pomander balls) to infuse the room with festive scents. Then if you need it you can chuck one in the mulled wine! Sitting proud at the end of your kitchen island, place a gingerbread house. And dishes of nuts aplenty will see you nicely through the season.

Kitchen Cabinet Gap

In order to keep your surfaces clear and practical, keep your purely decorative items up high. T’is the season… when it’s great to have a gap above your kitchen cabinets! Fill the space with festive garlands to give your kitchen a cosy grotto feel.

Sound and Vision

Let’s face it, modern kitchens rely on technology. So use your electrics well. Kitchen lighting can be enhanced with fairy lights or tea lights. Twinkling lights are great for extending the festive theme from room to room. Similarly, if you’ve recently refitted your kitchen, it’s likely that you’ve included some kind of audio functionality to the space. An integrated sound system that is linked to the rest of the house can ensure that you’re listening to the same festive tracks from room to room. So step into Christmas when you step into your kitchen!


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