How to Declutter Your Kitchen

With the whole year ahead of you, what are your domestic goals? Refit or redecoration? Upgrading or decluttering? The latter of these, the ‘declutter’ has been much discussed in recent weeks. It’s an extremely trendy resolution to make. Not only this, but it’s eminently sensible too! This one course of action will carry ongoing benefits to your daily life and allow you to really enjoy your kitchen.

When you declutter your kitchen, try not to get too caught up in the concept of getting rid of your stuff. This is only a small part of it. In the modern world, more and more of us are becoming increasingly aware of our resources and the impact of our throwaway society. So a really good declutter is just as much about repurposing and rearranging as it is about discarding.

It’s about the use of the space and the style of the space. However, where do you start and what should you change?

Useful Gadgets

When you use them, a kitchen gadget is a wonderful thing! However, try to be honest about how often you will use such a tool. From spiraliser to slow cooker, mandolin to magimix, everyone swears by something different in their kitchen. So which do you love and which are just window dressing? It’s time to discard the unused, pack away the occasionally touched and keep handy the old faithfuls.

What to Store

Thoughtful storage is key in order to declutter your kitchen. To achieve this, it’s important to consider more than gadgets themselves. The frequency with which items are used is paramount to intelligent storage. Higher frequency items such as ingredients are better stored in higher, over worktop cabinets. Lower frequency items such as mixers or juicers can be stored in under counter cabinets. Corner cabinets are ideal here as with clever internal storage systems, you can easily access those previously forgotten far recesses of the cabinet. Store similar items together in uniformed tins and containers to maximise space.

What to Discard

The one element that can always do with a purge is crockery. Remove items that are chipped or cracked as these have a tendency to linger at the bottom of a drawer! Mugs and cups can seem to breed inside a cupboard so consign to a seasonal box all those “Happy Christmas” cocoa mugs, leaving just those items that you use day to day. Storing different ‘daily’ and ‘best’ crockery and cutlery is a thing of the past. Instead, enjoy all of your crockeries with equal measure and discard any items that you don’t like. Ensure that you only keep containers and lids that fit each other, so be ruthless with your Tupperware!

Lose the Handles

For you to successfully declutter your kitchen you should look further than the contents of your cabinets. It is also to do with how your cabinet fronts and worktops appear. A sleek and streamlined contemporary design makes a space feel less cluttered and far cleaner. So consider handleless cabinets for your next kitchen re-design.

Don’t Stockpile Food

While there are financial benefits to buying in bulk, many of us can get carried away here! When your kitchen is designed, you will enjoy significant benefits to a feature such as a pull out pantry for long-life food items.

Multi Purposing

For smaller kitchens, consider the benefits of making your belongings multi-task for you! It’s unlikely that you will use a cake stand on a daily basis, so why not store fruit on it? A butcher’s block chopping board can play the role of a hot plate or trivet when placed on a worktop near your oven.

To truly declutter your kitchen, then, you should do more than throw things away. Although a certain amount of clearance is important, it is just as vital to reconfigure your space to utilise it in an efficient way. The best time to do this is as part of a kitchen refit. The clever kitchen designers at Zen Küchen will advise you of the best and cutting edge storage technologies that will keep your kitchen working in a smooth and efficient way.

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