Are You Modern or Traditional In The Kitchen?

The dinner conversation goes thus:

“So, we’re planning to refit our kitchen”
“How exciting, will you be going modern or traditional?”
“Ummm, I’d not thought about it…”
“Well that’s the first question they’ll ask. You have to have thought about it. How can you not have thought about it???”
“I just want a kitchen that I’ll like!”

This is often how customers become daunted and overwhelmed in the early stages of their kitchen refit. Feeling ill-informed about their options and the design labels that come with it. At Zen Küchen we seek to be open and upfront when it comes to guiding our clients. To smash apart the fear that can be inspired by so many choices, trends and labels.

Modern or traditional are just concepts. They are simply words to guide you in forming your preferences. They certainly shouldn’t be perceived as limiting your options.

Typically, more traditional kitchen designs feature natural materials, specifically wood or limestone. The colour palette tends to be pastel and soft. Your layout will often focus on the capacity to display; by this we mean both decorative items and functional tools.

Conversely, modern designs often utilise engineered materials: metallic trims or enhanced stones. The colour palette looks towards contrast and vibrancy, with bright primary colours sitting against monochrome. Lines are sleek and aim to hide the functional parts of the kitchen. Think handleless units and integrated appliances.

Remember, though, you don’t have to be exclusively one or the other!

The Importance of Context

Think about whether your ideal kitchen sits well within your existing home. Perhaps your kitchen refit is part of a larger home update, in which case is it in keeping with your vision for the rest of the building? How about the exterior of your home? Is it listed? Are you including any structural change or extension as part of the kitchen refit? A kitchen should reflect the home that is surrounding it, rather than sitting awkwardly out of context.

Personal Circumstances

This means more that simply thinking of whether you like modern or traditional. Is the kitchen that you have in your mind’s eye suitable for your lifestyle? Have you always imagined a rather busy cottage style kitchen, when actually a more storage focussed, handleless design would be more suitable for family life? Similarly, there’s no point in setting your heart on the highest spec of fittings if your budget won’t allow. Consulting with our experienced designers at Zen Küchen will help you to articulate these things and arrive at your ideal scenario.

Selling or Staying

Are you refitting your kitchen as part of a larger project to sell your property? If this is the case, you should not get distracted with your own personal preferences. You should look instead to popular trends and classic lines or designs. If you’re in your forever home, you need to think about how long you expect your kitchen to last. Consider the longevity of investing in high spec stone worktops that will outlive many incarnations of overarching kitchen design.

Bathe in Trend or Sit on the Fence

Current trends in kitchen design are leaning to the super-modern. Handleless cabinets, integration and bespoke storage allow for much of your kitchen’s functionality to be hidden from view behind a high-gloss sheen. Beware of leaping too enthusiastically into a trend, however. Decorative aspects such as colour schemes, furniture and light fittings can date surprisingly quickly. This is where it can be wise to hover somewhat on the fence. Mix modern functionality with classic materials.

So when it comes to labelling your kitchen modern or traditional, you will find that words are just that. Once you have explored your needs and preferences with our kitchen designers, the perfect kitchen for you will have just the right elements of both worlds to make your space truly about the unique you.

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