8 Ways to Make a Healthy Kitchen

As we progress through the year, how are your healthy eating resolutions going? Some of us will be doing better than others, and some may have thrown in the towel completely! When the heart (and certainly the stomach!) of the home is the kitchen, this room is integral to our lifestyles. So how can you lay out your kitchen to ensure that the room itself helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Clean Lines

The rise in popularity of modern lines within a kitchen design reflects our desire for mental clarity. So choose handleless cabinets and sharp stone worktops to create this clean and clear look. Extend your wall cabinets to the ceiling to avoid any accumulation of clutter and utilise every area of potential storage space to stop keeping those tempting snacks out on work surfaces!


There’s a reason that supermarkets keep fresh food at their entrance. Natural items and colours draw the attention of most consumers. So think about natural colour schemes for your next kitchen redesign.  Green hues are both natural and calming, while neutral tones offer timeless elegance. Keep fresh flowers on your kitchen island or breakfast bar to reinforce natural calm.

Behaviour Economics

Think about where you store different types of food in your kitchen. When healthier foods are stored at eye level you’re around three times more likely to reach for these items. Using clear containers such as glass jars or clear Tupperware will encourage you to eat item you see over something you have to go in search of.

Keep Away the Clutter

Health is not simply down to eating. When many of us spend a great deal of our home time in our kitchens, any clutter in this room can affect our mental clarity. So try to keep surfaces and tables clear. Keeping a dining table or breakfast bar clear means you’ll actually sit down to it. Both adults and children statistically have lower BMIs if they eat meals together. Social eating has even further benefits to families who can take this time to communicate.

Batch Cooking

Perhaps time pressures are preventing you from eating home prepared meals. If your kitchen redesign features a lovely new Neff double oven or induction hob, it’s a real shame not to use it! So invest in a good range of freezer friendly containers and indulge in a bit of batch cooking. From pies to casseroles to bolognese, the options are vast. You can then take a look in your well-stocked freezer for the next home cooked meal.

Pantry of Herbs

You are more likely to cook from scratch if you have the ingredients to do so. A pull out pantry cupboard is a great way to organise your basic ingredients to be visible and easily accessible. So from herbs to tinned goods, you can easily ensure that you don’t run out of the basics when it comes to preparing your healthy meals.

Well Stored Cookware

Having to delve into the back of a cupboard to locate the Magi-mix or casserole pot is sometimes enough to discourage even the most dedicated amongst us from attempting a new dish. So make the most of the latest kitchen cabinet storage solutions to ward this off! Try a pull-out corner solution or deep storage drawers and you’ll find that most of your utensils can be easily reached.

Fruit on the Worktops

Studies repeatedly show that people who keep fruit on their worktop weigh less than people who don’t. Ensuring that items like fruit and nuts remain easily accessible means that you re more likely to reach for an apple than go in search of a chocolate bar. Fruit bowls have the added advantage of working as a decorative item to reinforce the natural within your decorative concept.

Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sheer determination and the creation of new habits. However, this can be radically helped by seemingly small practical solutions. So the next time you redesign your kitchen, let the space work to your best interests!

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