7 Ways to Carry Off Monochrome in Your Kitchen

With so many colour options out there, it is easy to see why many people feel daunted! Vibrant paints, toned granite worktops and glossy cabinets can lead to confusion if you’re unsure what you like. So if it all seems a bit much, why not shun colour and leap into monochrome? Sticking to the stark contrasts of black and white certainly limits your colour palate decisions, but this scheme comes with its own potential pitfalls of which you should be aware. Follow our tips to carry off an elegant high-end monochrome design that can work for both traditional and modern kitchens.

1. Choose a Dominant Shade

Try to avoid balancing your black and white tones too equally. This creates too much contrast and makes the space appear cluttered. If natural light in your kitchen is limited then clearly a predominantly white scheme will suit. Horizontal surfaces such as worktops and floors will catch the light easily so target these for your lighter tones. A predominantly dark scheme works for kitchens that are abundant in natural light but should be undertaken with some caution. To avoid flatness in the design look to mix textures across walls, surfaces and cabinets.

2. Accessorise Wisely

Visible counter top accessories or decorations can provide a splash of colour to beautifully set off a monochrome kitchen. Try vibrant red for a modern scheme, or emerald green for a more classic look. Light fittings are a great place to introduce an accent colour, especially if your layout includes pendant lights over an island or breakfast bar.

3. Hide Appliances

“But what could be more black and white than white goods?” Sadly not – appliances both countertop and under the counter can make your room cluttered and ill thought out. Ensure your white goods appliances can be enclosed within your chosen cabinet scheme. Indeed if you are updating appliances with your kitchen refit, take advice from your kitchen designer to ensure that you have the correct appliances that will stay nicely hidden. Inventive kitchen storage designs can hide many counter top appliances too, which will keep your surfaces clear and uncluttered.

4. Mix Patterns

While your monochrome kitchen design thrives on simplicity, it is important not to let it become flattened. You can avoid this by using pattern and texture. If your cabinets are glossy, contrast with a grained floor. Patterned wall tiles will set off stark clear worktops, and using a grained or marbled stone creates texture while maintaining a smooth sheen.

5. Separate Your Whites

If you’ve decided to go with white as your predominant monochrome tone, beware of setting different whites against each other. Shades of white that appear the same when seen separately can appear vastly different when seen alongside each other. If your worktop is white, therefore, go for a contrasting cabinet front. White walls can be punctuated with black or grey splashbacks.

6. Add Warmth with Wood

Too much stark monochrome can make a space feel clinical. Walnut or oak floors can bring warmth to a monochrome kitchen. Using wood as a contrast will also bring the space that very desirable texture. If a wood floor isn’t your thing, consider how furniture or light fittings could accent the design. Dining chairs or breakfast stools look great in wood within a monochrome scheme and have the added benefit of being flexible.

7. Stick to Stone

For the best monochrome schemes, worktops will generally be stone. Marble countertops provide a beautifully elegant white, with or without the textured graining that variations offer. Alternatively, granite offers a wealth of both light and dark options. Darker greys and blacks available in granite can add light reflecting sheen and sparkle to brighten up the darker elements of your monochrome.

With the right layout and choice of materials, your monochrome kitchen can become a striking and timeless space. Achieve the right look for you by discussing with our experienced kitchen designers at Zen Küchen.

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