6 Tips to Minimise Disruption During a Kitchen Refit

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For many of us, a kitchen refit is a long awaited event.

Perhaps you moved into a new home a couple of years ago with the aim of refitting the kitchen and it’s taken longer than you expected to organise a refit.

Or maybe you’ve lived in your home for many years and have found that your trusty old kitchen really does need to be updated.

You may even have deliberately waited until your children are that bit older and can pull their weight in the new kitchen and help with the cooking! 

When the time finally approaches to actually have the work done, it can suddenly feel daunting. Disruption is inevitable, and you wonder how you managed to accumulate quite so much stuff!

There are, however, steps that you can take to minimise the upheaval of your kitchen refit and make the process that bit less stressful. 

1. Planning

With any project, there is no substitute for planning. Your kitchen refit may form part of a larger home refurbishment project.

Or it may well be a stand-alone project. Perhaps it’s somewhere between the two; a specific kitchen project that is forming an extension to your home.

Your project manager should supply you with a plan of works that will enable you to formulate your own plan.

This plan should outline how the work will impact your living conditions. From laundry to cooking, plan how you will manage limitations that the work will create.

2. Creativity

Your plan to counteract the limitations that you will encounter during a kitchen extension or refit will often involve a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home. Or at the very least alternative cooking and washing facilities.

Take your plan of works and assess the amount of time that you will be without different aspects of your kitchen. This gives you guidance as to what level of alternative facility you need to arrange.

Indeed, some contractors will arrange this for you, so that your garage or study can become a fully functioning temporary kitchen.

3. Timescales

When you book your kitchen extension or kitchen refit, asses your year calendar. Will there be a family birthday that means that work to your home could become more stressful.

If you have a young family, how about school holidays? Some may decide that a kitchen refit is more manageable whilst in a term-time routine.

Others may rather dovetail with school holidays and go away to remove the family from the home completely.

4. Relocation

Which brings us to one option to manage the disruption of a kitchen refit – remove yourself and your family from the whole building!

Shorter projects can be solved by a short break to stay with family, longer projects will benefit from more of a short-term-let arrangement nearby where you can remain accessible to project managers and contractors. 

5. Expectation

As well as managing the logistics of your life balance within your kitchen refit, it is key to also manage your expectations.

Work on the assumption that the project will take a bit longer than expected. Then in all likelihood when using excellent kitchen suppliers like Zen Kuchen, you will be pleasantly surprised!

6. Communication

During the process of a kitchen refit, open and regular lines of communication are vital. Don’t be afraid to contact your kitchen supplier or designer for updates and questions.

Indeed, a communicative organisation is a sure sign of professionalism when you choose your kitchen designer.

The kitchen is a vital facility in your home. It has the power to make family life run more smoothly and enable some fabulous social occasions with your friends. It’s the reason that we all strive for the perfectly designed room.

Whatever level of disruption you plan to expect from your kitchen refit, it will be worth it. Especially if you have utilised the skill of our fabulous kitchen designers here at Zen Kuchen!

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